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Newsworthy // First African American Vegan Starter Kit

I’d like to share a post recently published on VegNews about the first African American Starter Kit, entitled “By Any Greens Necessary.” (#adorable.) See the original post here.

VegNews writes:

Tracye McQuirter and Farm Sanctuary team to create specialized toolkit with recipes and guidance from African American vegan experts.

Author and animal-rights activist Tracye McQuirter has partnered with animal rescue organization Farm Sanctuary to create the firstAfrican American Vegan Starter Guide. The free, 40-page guide is billed as the first of its kind to target the Black community. It offers a host of resources—such as recipes, answers to common questions, and advice about dining out—and highlights prominent vegans such as Russell Simmons, Cicely Tyson, Stevie Wonder,Erykah Badu, Kimberly Elise, Forest Whitaker, John Salley,Angela Davis, and U.S. Senator Cory Booker. “An estimated 1.4 million African Americans (3%) are vegans and vegetarians, and nearly 15 million African Americans (32%) always or sometimes eat meatless meals when eating out,” McQuirter says. The activist reveals she created the kit to, “empower even more people to take back control of their health, to recognize that plant-based foods are a part of our cultural heritage, and to realize that African Americans benefit the most from eating a plant-based diet, which enables us to live longer, healthier lives.” Farm Sanctuary founder Gene Baur adds, “We are grateful to join in the decades-long efforts of communities of color in this vital work.” Black vegans are have been making headlines in 2016, from the launching of Black Vegans Rock, to the presidential nomination of vegan duo Clifton Roberts and Dr. A. Breeze Harper, to the NFL’s prasie of player David Carter and his vegan advocacy.

The FREE kit features 40 pages of resources and knowledge, including…

  • Physician Milton Mills, MD, on why it’s healthier for African Americans to eat plant-based food

  • Pediatrician Ruby Thomas, MD, and chef Rain Truth on raising children vegan

  • Olympic skier, lifelong vegan Seba Johnson

  • Why to go vegan and what to eat

  • How to make it affordable

  • Eating out and socializing, including navigating family reunions

  • Stocking your kitchen

  • Saving animals and the environment

  • Highlights of African American vegan history

  • And 15 simple, healthy and delicious recipes from renowned black vegan chefs


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