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Happy Cheese Lover’s Day!!

Happy Cheese Lover’s Day!

It’s cheese lover’s day, so what better way to celebrate than share some delicious vegan cheese with your co-workers!? Two colleagues saw me set up, so knew this was vegan cheese. (They tasted the two cheeses and seemed to really like both!) Other than that, I think most will be unsuspecting. Aside from the “*contains nuts” I haven’t labeled the cheeses in any way.

I planned to provide more cheese, but the nice stuff ain’t exactly cheap! So, I’m offering Treeline Cheese’s Herb-Garlic cashew-based cheese and Kite Hill’s Soft Ripened almond-based cheese. Served with both gluten-free and gluten-full (glutenous?) crackers and apple slices.

Hope you’re finding opportunities to celebrate 🙂


About the Crunchy Vegan Gal

Megan is a vegan, city-slicker hippie living in Baltimore, MD where she is a planning and urban design consultant. When she’s not working to create livable, just, and vibrant communities, she’s spending time with the local vegan community, with friends and family (including her black cat fur-baby), and finding ways to be creative. You can connect with her on Instagram at @crunchyvegangal!

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