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Unboxing | Vegan Cuts May 2017

I recently signed up for Vegan Cuts snack box. In the past, I’ve subscribed to previous vegan subscription boxes, including Urthbox and Petit Vour. While I loved Petit Vour, I couldn’t use the products fast enough to keep my bathroom drawers from overflowing. And with Urthbox, I had bad experiences, where I repeatedly received non-vegan products in my vegan box. But I’ve heard good things about Vegan Cuts so I was excited to try it. I signed up (literally 2 days ago) and assumed I’d miss the May shipment, but it was my lucky day!


​Song: Chasing Palm Trees by Ehrling

The May 2017 Vegan Cuts Snack Box includes:

  1. Pipcorn Vegan Cheddar Mini Popcorn
  2. Krimsey’s Cajun Kitchen Jambalaya Mix
  3. Eat Your Coffee Mocha Latte Bar
  4. RUNA Unsweetened Guava Tea
  5. Sol Simple Assorted Dried Mango & Banana
  6. Zumba Viva La Mocha Protein Powder
  7. Reed’s Peanut Butter Ginger Chews
  8. PopChips Salted Ridges
  9. Munk Pack Maple Pear Quinoa Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze
  10. Nutiva Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Spread
  11. Ugo Anutter Bar
  12. Surprise snack!

As I consume each of these promising little treats, I’ll update this post (and @crunchyvegangal on Instagram) with my reviews.


1 | Pipcorn Vegan Cheddar Mini Popcorn

Yum! The Pipcorn vegan cheddar popcorn is a tasty treat. I thoroughly enjoyed the cheddar flavor, and wish the bag were fuller!
Rating: 🐥🐥🐥🐥

4 | Runa Tea

This guava tea hits the spot!!! It’s unsweetened but sweet (thanks to the guava!) and quite refreshing!
Review: 🐥🐥🐥🐥🐣

7 | Reed’s Peanut Butter Ginger Chews

These little ginger chews are exactly what I wanted! I love ginger-flavored things, but I’ve never been a huge fan of actual ginger—dried, candied, or whatever. I’ve also never been fond of ginger candies…until these! The peanut butter adds a nice creamy, nutty richness to complement the ginger kick. I actually started eating them when my stomach was upset and it was the perfect little remedy. I would love to keep these on hand from now on!
Review: 🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥

8 | PopChips Salted Ridges

Everything’s better with ridges! The PopChips salted potato chips are an addicting snack—it’s sad when the bag comes to an end! They’re crunchy and, of course, salty. I’m a fan!
Review: 🐥🐥🐥🐥

9 | Munk Pack Maple Pear Quinoa Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze

Eeek! Pouch foods are a bit creepy but wow are they usually so delicious! I tried the Munk Pack maple, pear, and quinoa oatmeal fruit squeeze and it was so yummy! It would be great camping/hiking food! You have to get past the texture, but the flavor is really enjoyable.
Review: 🐥🐥🐥🐥


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