Update Your Bookmarks!

Make note of our new URL and update your bookmarks! The Crunchy Vegan web address is changing to www.crunchy-vegan.com!

For a few more weeks, our old URL will continue to direct visitors to this address. But after that, it’s up to you!


Why are we making this change?

As the Crunchy Vegan Gal, I started instagramming and tweeting to share my own vegan journey. I want the website and Facebook to be much greater than that, however. It’s bigger than just me. And it’s intended for more than just those who identify as “gals.”

In an effort to demonstrate our inclusiveness, we’ve dropped the “gal” to indicate that Crunchy Vegan is a site for everyone, and to celebrate the fact that our posts are co-authored by multiple vegans—both male- and female-identifying.

So, to keep this short, we hope you’ll feel at home with our new address, and rest assured that we’re sharing the same great content!



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