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Thriving with Thrive Market

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I have a serious spending problem when it comes to groceries. It’s not uncommon for me to break $120 for a two week shopping trip. During a recent visit to the market, in which I intended to purchase only veggie burgers and yogurt. I spent over well over $200.

I rarely let food go to waste, so it’s not money poorly spent; nevertheless, it’s an impulsive spending habit of late—I’m not using coupons or being strategic about my purchase.

Not long ago, I raved on here about an area service called Relay Foods. They delivered fresh, regional, organic, and vegan-friendly foods to either a local pick-up site or directly to your front door (for an added fee). I used it for small purchases which would supplement my regular market trips, and would buy mostly packaged items. Relay Foods was unfortunately recently purchased by Door to Door Organics, and while similar, it no longer serves me the way it had, since it now requires a subscription to a regular produce box that I don’t want.

Which brings me to Thrive Market.


“Sharing knowledge so you can make choices according to your own values.”

That’s the tagline of Crunchy Vegan. With Thrive Market, you can shop according to your values. Once you provide an email address granting you access to start looking around, you can begin to browse their products. You’re given the option, at the top, to either “Shop Categories” or “Shop Values.” The abbreviated drop down list includes vegan, among options like paleo, gluten free, moms, raw, or staples.

Thrive MarketIf you opt to search all the values, you’re taken to a page that identifies nearly 80 (!!) sort-able values, shopping categories, and business certifications for locating the available products—these filters include everything from recycled packaging or non-GMO to products created by woman-owned businesses! (Side note, where’s the Black-owned businesses category, Thrive!?)

Thrive values

An Instagram friend of mine (thanks, @trinivegan!) recently started posting her orders from Thrive Market. So I wanted to get in on it and test this service out. You can see if you like Thrive Market with a 30-day free trial before the membership fee of $59.95 kicks in (continue reading, because the fee is worth it!).


Why would you want to spend money to…spend more money?

“By joining Thrive market, you’ve already sponsored a membership for a food-insecure family. 100% of your gift goes directly into the account of a Thrive Gives member and makes a huge impact on their lives.”

Your membership also pays for a low-income family’s membership, so they can get access to healthy, affordable food no matter their income or where they live. Additionally, you can opt to give a portion of your savings  from each order to others in need!

“My son and I currently receive food stamp assistance, but it’s only enough to purchase our raw foods. Thrive gives us the opportunity to purchase non-perishable items that are normally way too much to afford in a regular store.” Donna, Thrive Gives member

Why else would you want to become a member? Because I just placed my first order Friday and received it today. My first purchase was a modest $41. I purchased 10 items, for a savings of $29.75! That’s nearly $3 per item! On Amazon right now, for instance, the VeganEgg is $12.95. On Thrive, the VeganEgg is $5.95. That’s 54% off!! [Even if you can find the VeganEgg near you at a retail price of $7.99, that’s still a 26% savings.]


The savings are unbelievable, and you can also find some items that you’ve perhaps been searching for. I sampled Sejoyia Foods Chili Pumpkin Seed Crunch Brussel Bytes a while back and couldn’t find them anywhere! Thrive Market had them.


Your first purchase starts your FREE 30 day Trial Membership to Thrive Market. Plus, you can use this link to save 15% off your first order! During your trial, you can cancel anytime. After your trial, you’ll be charged for a 1-year membership.

I am thrilled. My first purchase focused on some snacks that I’ve been on the hunt for. I’ve already filled my shopping cart for order two: focusing on beautify products!!

I love to support mom-n-pop shops when I can. Realistically, however, I can’t always afford to do that and still get the products I love. Thrive Market offers a service to supplement regular trips to the supermarket and farmstand while saving loads of money. And though I’m not supporting a mom-n-pop shop, I’m supporting a business with a social mission, and I know that my membership and purchases help others out.




Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. While we would have shared this content with you anyway, we want to be fully transparent where there’s the potential for us to benefit from this content.

The Crunchy Vegan Gal composed and published this post prior to becoming an affiliate with Thrive Market. She authentically supports this business, and the links were updated only after she applied to be an affiliate.


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