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Unboxing | Vegan Cuts September 2017 Snack Box Subscription

As if there weren’t already enough snacks in my house following my recent visit to the Natural Products Expo East, I came home on Saturday (the last day of the Expo) to find my September Vegan Cuts snack subscription box had arrived.

Interestingly, a lot of what was included in the box were items I also sampled at the Expo—so if you are a Vegan Cuts subscriber but missed the trade show, you’re in luck! What’s more, some of those items were also among my favorites at the Expo (like Karma Nuts!).

Song: “You and Me” by Ehrling

The September 2017 Vegan Cuts Snack Box includes:

  1. The Soulful Project | Hot cereal cup
  2. Vegan Robs | Superfood spinach and matcha-based kettle chips [gf]
  3. The Gluten Free Bar | Dark chocolate coconut bites [gf]
  4. R.E.D.D. | Gluten-free mint chocolate superfood energy bar [gf]
  5. Taste Nirvana | Coconut water [gf]
  6. MRM | Veggie meal replacement powder [gf]
  7. D’s Naturals | Raspberry and dark chocolate truffle-flavored “No Cow” bar [gf]
  8. Karma Nuts | Roasted or wrapped cashews [gf]
  9. R Bar | Peanut butter and jelly energy bar [gf]
  10. Betty Lou’s | Protein-packed energy balls [gf]
  11. Enjoy Life Foods | Chocolate and sunseed butter bites [gf]
  12. Follow Your Heart | Coupon for one free cheese [gf]
  13. Bonus snacks (I received I Heart Keenwah | Chocolate puffs and Wow Butter | Nut Butter)

As always, check the Crunchy Vegan Gal Instagram for reviews!



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