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Happy Birthday to Me, Here’s a Gift for You!

This birthday giveaway has ended. But you never know when I might organize another goodie giveaway! Thanks to everyone for participating!

Today, I’ve turned 30. This is a birthday I’ve imagined since being a little girl and it feels amazing!

Yet, while it’s my birthday, I want to give you a gift. In honor of my birthday and also my upcoming 7-year veganniversary, I want to share seven of my favorite vegan-friendly products with you! Entering is easy-peasy!

Comment below to tell me why you follow me. And that’s it!

Guess what? You’re starting with doubled odds of winning because I’m giving a package to not just one, but TWO amazing people! You can increase your odds of winning even further by heading over to my Instagram, Facebook, and  Twitter and entering there, too.

Care package will include:

  1. Three Hurraw Balsms lip balms
  2. Four flavors of Bubba’s Fine Foods snack mixes
  3. Stickers and buttons from Vegan Power Co
  4. Some of Pukka Tea’s new turmeric glow tea
  5. Chocolate bar from Charm School Chocolate
  6. Coconut water from Vita Coco
  7. A stainless steel reusable straw

So what are you waiting for!?

This is a giveaway with some products provided by the companies, other products provides by me because I love all of you so much and want to share with you my favorite goodies! Contest is open to North American accounts only.


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me, Here’s a Gift for You!

  1. I follow you because I have the same love hate relationship with vegan junk 🙂 like I love it but I need to moderate my love haha
    also because you are local! So I can get the word on bmore vegan goods


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