Contributing Authors

Activism presents itself in many shapes, colors, and stripes. Publishing content is one way to get out. We invite content creators to contribute their work to our site (see details at the bottom). Among our talented contributors, we would like to recognize the following individuals:

Kelsey H., aka KelseyVeg  | Victoria, B.C.  [See Kelsey’s Crunchy Vegan posts here.]

Instagram: @VeggieReviews

Nilay | Baltimore, MD [See Nilay’s Crunchy Vegan posts here.]

Bryan | Baltimore, MD  [See Bryan’s Crunchy Vegan posts here.]

Instagram: @jbryanbarnes

home-office-599475_960_720We Want You!

Have you ever thought about writing a vegan blog, but shied away from the idea based on the amount of work required? Or are you interested in amplifying your voice on vegan issues? Here’s an opportunity for you to share your thoughts, get out there and support the vegan cause.

Crunchy Vegan is always welcoming new content creators to our little realm of the internet. Indeed, we are so happy to offer this platform to a range of diverse vegan voices.

WHO Do We Look For?

We want charismatic and thoughtful Contributors to participate in the Crunchy Vegan space. It doesn’t matter your color, class, or creed—in fact, the more diverse the better! All that matters is that you’re passionate about veganism and interested in sharing!

Again, we would love to highlight all voices. And we’re mindful of some missing voices on Crunchy Vegan; specifically, right now we’re in search of voices from:

  • People of Color
  • Youth
  • Baby Boomers
  • Moderate/Low-Income Vegans
  • The Differently-abled

WHAT Do We Look For?

In terms of the content you can offer us, we’re open to everything! The site has begun as one part educational resource, one part editorial chronicle. But we’re open to creative new forms of media. If you’re not an author, feel free to share your artwork, photos, videos, music, skits, poetry, etc. As long as there’s some overlap with veganism, we’d love to talk about sharing it on Crunchy Vegan.

Please also refer to our Standards for Contributors for guidelines about posting.


What’s In It For You?

We unfortunately don’t make a profit on our site—it’s purely a resource for others. Therefore, we cannot offer compensation for our Contributors. However, your posts will be featured on Crunchy Vegan for our small following, and we will market it on our Facebook and Instagram as well—offering you free publicity!


Let your voice be heard! For people. For the planet. For the animals.

If you would like to be a contributing author or content creator, please send an email to


  • Content must be vegan-related.
  • Submission via email is not an automatic approval for publishing.
  • This is a pro-intersectional vegan website. Please ensure that any submission is sensitive to others.
  • Media is not limited to writing.