Standards for Contibutors

Basic Rules for Posting

  1. Topics must fit within or overlap with veganism.
  2. Posts will not marginalize others and will also be mindful of the Contributor’s privilege
  3. Elevate content with high-quality photography.
  4. Sensitive content requires a content warning.
  5. The intent of posts should be educational, not commercial.

Content Standards

Topics for Posting

Guest posters are free to select subjects and generate content that is meaningful for them and that will provide value to the vegan community. Contributors can decide if the intended audience captures vegans, non-vegans, or both. The only requirement is that content must fit within or overlap with veganism.

Crunchy Vegan refers to the Vegan Society for its definition of veganism:

Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.

To the above definition, we add some additional clarity:

The vegan lifestyle is notably compassionate toward animals, but this compassion extends to all living entities on this planet—including human-animals as well as complex, living ecosystems. The vegan community emphasizes respect, non-violence, and kindness and promotes autonomy of individuals.

For guidance, the following topics are examples of vegan-related content:

  • Animal Rights (including human-animal rights—we humans are also animals),
  • Nutrition,
  • Cooking,
  • Food-related events,
  • Environment/Climate Change,
  • Resource Conservation,
  • Vegan Products/Businesses,
  • Becoming Vegan, or
  • Personal Experiences of Vegans,
  • Among other topics.

Zero-Tolerance for Marginalization

Crunchy Vegan content will not marginalize others, perpetuate systemic oppression, or be ignorant of our privilege. Any posts that express sentiments or use language that are offensive toward people based on race, ethnicity, gender, ability, age, or other identities will not be tolerated. To be clear, it is okay to be critical of the oppressors. In fact, it’s encouraged! However, we ask for constructive dialogue which seeks to cultivate positive change.

In the same vein, we will be mindful of our own privileges when we have them. We understand that we are sometimes blind of our privileges—we’re not perfect. If any content seems blind of a Contributor’s privilege, we encourage anyone—Administrators, Contributors, and readers alike—to respectfully call attention to that little slip up so we can elevate our understanding of ourselves and each other. This goes for me (the CrunchyVeganGal) as well—I am not perfect. Please do not hesitate to call out any content which seems heedless of my privilege.

We trust you to use your best judgement as you begin to craft your content. However, as a starting point, the following examples of marginalization are unacceptable on Crunchy Vegan:

  • Comparison of non-human animal violence to human-animal violence (i.e., slavery, the Holocaust, domestic violence, etc.).
  • Targeted attacks on various cultures for exploitation of animals that ignores ones own culture’s exploitation of animals (e.g., bashing the Yulin Dog Meat Festival without also calling attention to similar events elsewhere).
  • Guilting certain people into being vegan based on oppressions they also experience (see again the first bullet).

Photos and Graphics

Compelling visuals can truly enhance the reader’s experience on the site. We encourage you to use high-resolution and high-quality visuals to enhance your piece. Contributors who don’t have their own graphics to contribute can find beautiful, stock photography for free on websites like or

We discourage the use of graphic imagery on the site, but understand that it can be a useful tool. If you would like to share graphic imagery, please provide a link to the content outside of the page (e.g., to a Dropbox link or another website).  At the very least, all graphic imagery should be accompanied by a Content Warning.

Content Warnings

Sometimes, posting difficult content is important for elevating our collective understanding of systems of oppression. People come to veganism through different avenues, and sometimes the shocking realization of ongoing violence and oppression is the ignition that starts the transition. However, the “shock factor” can sometimes be more harmful than informative. For this reason, we want to offer our readers the opportunity to decide if they want to continue with a piece. Please include content warnings at the top of your post if your content includes language or imagery of violence, abuse, or otherwise sensitive content.

Please refer to the sample content warnings at the end of this page for your posts.

Commercial Interests

We assume that Contributors  are interested in posting in order to contribute to the understanding of veganism and vegan-related issues. Our posts are intended to provide value to the reader. To achieve this, we ask that posts are not driven by commercial interests. We do enjoy featuring vegan businesses, however, so please speak directly with the Crunchy Vegan Team about how to have your business featured on the site.

Posting Guidelines

Process for Posting

Before content is posted on the site, new contributors will be asked to share their posts with Site Administrators via email ( The content will be reviewed, and any requested changes will be presented to the Contributor. The Contributor is then invited to post as a Contributor to the website. Once an Contributor has posted a handful of times, the Administrators will grant the go-ahead to begin posting without review.


All contributors are expected to edit their content prior to submission. This means that they will read and thoroughly review their work for grammatical and spelling errors. Site administrators have the ability to edit your content, and will employ this ability if there are spelling or grammatical errors without advance notice.

Formatting and Citations

The only paragraph formatting standard currently employed on the Crunchy Vegan site is full justification of all paragraphs. Full justification is when the text in the paragraph is aligned to both sides of the margin.

Hyperlinks help readers understand your content more deeply. Provide hyperlinks where possible. The preferred format for inserting hyperlinks is (1) in the form of text, rather than the URL, and (2) to set the hyperlink to Open in a New Tab.

Citations are not required for user-generated content. However, any quote, idea, or other content that is pulled from another source must be credited to that source! For formal citations, we encourage the use of APA-Style Citations. For guidance on creating APA citations, we suggest referring to the Purdue Online Writing Lab.

Finishing Touches

Prior to publishing a piece, be sure all the “finishing touches” are applied. Each post should indicate the relevant Crunchy Vegan content category, provide hashtags, and include a landscape-format featured image.

Your post may be made a “sticky post” for a period, where it will appear as a featured post on the site. Sticky posts may remain for a few weeks, or shorter for time sensitive content.

Resources for Posts

Standard Content Warnings

Content Warning: Graphic Imagery. The following post includes graphic imagery of _____. If you’d like to receive an edited version of this article without the graphic imagery, please contact with your request. Please include the title of this article.

Content Warning: Graphic Language. The following post includes graphic language about ______. If you’d like to receive an edited version of this article without the graphic language, please contact with your request. Please include the title of this article.

Content Warning: (type of Sensitive Content). The following post includes sensitive content regarding ______. If you’d like to receive an edited version of this article without this content, please contact with your request. Please include the title of this article.